Supercritical CO2 specialists.

From the Graphics Industry, the entrepreneur has deployed an innovation process that ultimately led to a specialist in Supercritical CO2

In 2000, Grafischoth’s entrepreneur bought one of the first Digital Printing Presses for Special Substrates (Materials). However, these particular substrates had to be coated so that the ink adheres to the material. Through one of our customers, I came into contact with Supercritical CO2 Extraction, which allowed us to impregnate the materials with the coating agent. We could not return these millions of investment by coating alone. By a newly appointed employee from the Restorer environment, we have been developing a process with the SCO2, together with a companion, to threaten to lose old books and archives that are subject to degradation and autonomous decay. In 2006, I left the printing company and we developed a “acidification process” based on SCO2 and a Sillan connection to acidify books and paper products and add an additive which increases the life span by 25 to 75 years. Many thousands of jobs are ready.

Due to the crisis of recent years, the government has decided to stop the grant for conservation of our cultural heritage. As a result, after the installation of a project from Austria (2015), we returned to new possibilities with this SCO2 process. This ultimately resulted in a start-up that deals with SCO2 from organic matter. Our choice has fallen for a plant species that occurs frequently in NL.

The fiber hemp is a legal arable crop and may be grown in the open field. This ancient plant species has unprecedented possibilities, focusing on the wood shafts and the high quality lignin that contains this plant.

This plant species is one of the many possibilities we can extract and release a high-quality ethereal substance.